Back Braces

2004 – In an effort to reduce weight the back braces were drilled through 

2019 – Almost 15 years later the all-new Cornerstone Ukuleles and Guitars feature Laser cut and Hollowed braces

Soundboard Bracing

Whether you’re a rhythm strummer or a flatpicker or you are into flatpicking or enjoy soloing with a Low-G setup…

…the proprietary laser cut A-Frame bracing design or the modified hollowed Kasha bracing will help deliver that tone and sustain your ears crave.

"Peek Design"© Engravings

“Peek Design” engravings is the best way to embellish or decorate the back without “interfering” with the wood’s natural beauty as displayed on the outside under the beautiful gloss finish. This new process is patent pending.

There’s nothing like looking inside and finding that little extra detail….the possibilities are endless.

Bridge patch

In 2006 the first “wood core double top” was introduced in a Cornerstone SJ Guitar

Today the Cornerstone Ukulele uses the same principal in a stiff yet lighter soft wood bridge patch.